“Bronwyn Fryer is one of the very best collaborative writers in the business. She is deeply intelligent and creative, a true polymath who can take on any story or subject matter. Caring and sympathetic to her clients’ needs, she is a consummate professional who comes in on-time and on-target and can be counted on to elevate each and every project she helps create.”

-Todd Shuster, Aevitas Creative Management, Managing Partner

“I signed up a major book on leadership for which Bronwyn was the coauthor. It was an incredibly rich but challenging book to craft, interweaving economics, philosophy, in-depth narratives of good management and bad, literature, spirituality and wisdom, and Bronwyn pulled it off not just with aplomb, but with the kind of fierce and caring commitment I rarely see. She is a pleasure to work with.”

-Roger Scholl, VP and Executive Editor, The Crown Publishing Group

“There is an art and science to a writer working effectively with outside experts. The art involves ‘getting inside the head of the expert’ and truly understanding the ideas he or she wants to convey. The science comes in crafting a narrative that, while exacting, brings the ideas of the expert to a general audience. Bronwyn is a master of both that art and science.”

-John Mahaney, Public Affairs Books

“Bronwyn is a versatile collaborator who will craft highly engaging text from expert interviews, on-line research, or a deep conversation. She is a fast, focused, and passionate writer and editor who cares deeply about contributing to a fairer, better world.”

-Jonathan Quick, author of The End of Epidemics

“Bronwyn Fryer is a total pro. Whether you need an editor, a book doctor, or a full writing partner, I recommend her highly. She’s smart, fast, and fun to work with.”

– Jim Levine, Levine/Greenberg/Rostan Literary Agency

“Bronwyn is the gold standard in long-form ghost writing. She is a beautiful writer — and thinker. A rare combination.”

– Karen Dillon, former editor, Harvard Business Review

“Bronwyn has a gift of insight and a knack for finding hot topics. She is a brilliant writer who captures ideas with flair and word imagery. I have worked with her on many projects and always left very impressed.”

– Dave Ulrich, author of the best-selling The Why of Work

“Bronwyn is a wonderfully synthetic thinker and engaging writer who produces groundbreaking work.”

– Robin Ely, Warren Albert Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

“Bronwyn is an inspirational business writer and storyteller.”

– Suzy Welch, best-selling author, television commentator and noted business journalist

“When I hit a roadblock in writing, my friend and editor par excellence, Bronwyn Fryer, stepped in and got the book on track. Without her help I could not have completed this project.”

– Edward Hallowell, author of Driven to Distraction at Work

“Bronwyn played a key role in writing our manuscript and giving it the life that it has. We learned everyday from her writing excellence, turning our ‘academese’ into something that our neighbors can read.”

– John List, Chairman of the Department of Economics,
University of Chicago and Uri Gneezy,
Professor of Economics & Strategy, U.C. San Diego

“Bronwyn helped with the background research, contributed some of the stories, provided input on organizational matters, and helped make our prose, especially the descriptions of our studies, more lively and engaging throughout.”

– Sheldon Solomon, author of Worm at the Core

“Bronwyn is not only exceptionally skilled at the numerous proficiencies her line of work draws upon—the ability not only to understand someone else’s thinking but to burrow inside their minds and write from their perspective and in their voice, like an advanced form of ventriloquist—but is also a delightful person and punctual without fail. I could not recommend her any more strongly.”

-Steve Ross, Steve Ross Literary Agency

“Bronwyn has made my thinking and writing 100 percent clearer, deeper and brighter. Her passion and wit are the perfect ‘mixer’ to improve any writing.”

-Fred Kofman, author of Conscious Business and The Meaning Revolution

“Bronwyn managed to read my mind and provided research, writing, and above all friendship. Having her with me on this journey helped unlock a lot of stories and memories and brought to the surface many a hidden message.”

– His Excellency Amr Al-Dabbagh, author of Omnipreneurship

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